Current Teams & Team Members


Get your team started! But first – the perks for teams!

Here are the perk winning categories:

  • Largest Team
  • Team That Fundraised The Most

*If there is a tie, those tied teams will all get their own perks.

Here is what the winning teams get:

  • Canopy with team name
  • Designated table & chairs
  • Snacks, drinks & goodies
  • Special event day bibs indicating your achievement

Deadline for teams:

Step up and be the leader of your team:
Every team needs a team leader. We hope that’s you! If it is, we have some useful information below to help you move forward. Leading a team can be very fulfilling.

You’ll need to register first in order to create a team. If you registered as an individual, but would like to join or start a team please contact us at [email protected] with the name of the team you’d like to join or start.

Register here:

The last day to get an event t-shirt included with your registration is .

Set your team fundraising goal:
Setting a team goal is an easy way to motivate your team members and establish a benchmark for success.

Customize your team page:
Participants who personalize and actively update their personal fundraising page can raise on average 2 to 3 times more. Start by setting up your team page here:  You’ll be able to:

  • Update your team goal online
  • Update your Team page
  • Track your online progress
  • Take online donations
  • Managing your roster and much more!

Enlist your friends, colleagues, family members, and neighbors to join your team by sending them an email with a direct link to register. Team members can also register virtually (which means they can help fundraise but don’t have to participate the day of the event). If they are unable to participate at all, perhaps they will donate to your team!

Organize Team Fundraising:
The primary reason for participating in Bangor Area Challenge for Charities is to raise funds for Maine nonprofits. Increase team fundraising by asking all members to make a self-donation. Also, planning team fundraising events is a great way to get all members involved and contribute to the overall team goal.

Communication is key:
Whether it’s a email, phone call, or team get together, make sure to engage and keep your team informed. Share information that you receive from Bangor Area Challenge for Charities regarding team/fundraising updates, event details and your team ranking.

Cheer your team on!:
Once team members start to register, send out emails to the team, welcome new members, congratulate those who reach fundraising milestones and create fundraising challenges for your team members.

Make a team T-shirt:
Get creative and show your team spirit by designing a shirt to commemorate your Bangor Area Challenge for Charities experience.

Plan and share day of event details:
Are you meeting somewhere special? Are you wearing team t-shirts or coordinated costumes? Send the details to your team members so they feel included and can have as much fun as possible on event the event day!

Team Recruitment:
Team members can be anybody – family members, friends, co-workers, or even neighbors. Whether you’re a corporate team or a friends and family team, just be sure to ask everyone you know to join your team.

Be bold! The first step is to ask. Enthusiasm and spirit are contagious – your friends and family will want to join the movement when they see how committed and excited you are.

Use this experience as a meaningful reason to reunite friends and family who live around the world. They can fundraise and train at their homes and then join you on the day of the event or participate virtually. Keep each other motivated by email or phone or surprise each other by sending care packages. A reunion on the day of the event can create a special memory!

One of the biggest perks to forming a team is that you already have training partners. It’s much harder to bypass training, hit the snooze button or go for doughnuts when someone is counting on you to help them train. Training as a team keeps the momentum going and helps you support each other every step of the way.

Have fun!:
Our event is about a community coming together and the accomplishment of a unique personal challenge! As a leader, you get the opportunity to remind your teammates of why they are participating. This is more than a fundraising event – it’s a celebration of how far we can come together

Want to take fundraising offline?:
You’ll probably find this form helpful. Just keep in mind that unless you mail your donations well in advance of event day, they can only be tallied on event day and won’t go towards earning perks.


How do I register or join a team?

Go to the registration page in order to register. You can start or join a team on the registration page.

How do I start a team if I'm registered as an individual?

Contact us via email at [email protected], we’ll get you taken care of!

Can I join a team if I’m already registered as an individual?

Yes. Contact us via email at [email protected], we’ll get you taken care of!

Do all team members have to participate in the same type event - ie walking, running, cycling, motorcycling?

No. Team members may participate in any of the available activities or distances.

Can I join a team AND volunteer on event day?

Yes. You can join a team as a virtual or regular participant and also register to volunteer. You would register like you normally would and then visit the “Volunteer” tab and use the form to signup.

Are there incentives for participants?

Yes, for teams and individuals.  Also, for every $25 raised beyond the registration cost the registrant will gain another vote for their preferred nonprofit.

Where does the money go?

The money you raise will go towards Maine based nonprofits.  Those nonprofits who get at least 50 votes will automatically receive $500.  Nonprofits who get over 50 votes will be eligible for 5 large cash prizes (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th place for the most votes received).  

How much money should I raise?

Bangor Area Challenge for Charities participants should aim for a goal of $150 each (registration plug additional fundraising). The more you raise, the bigger your impact.

What is the deadline for mailing the pledge form?

The last day to mail in pledges and have them count towards your fundraising is June 15th, 2018. Please note that online gifts are reflected in your fundraising total immediately.  You can also submit your fundraising sheets and money the day of the event.

What if a donor wrote a check out to the team or my name?

If you receive a check payable to your team, simply write “Rotary Club of Bangor Breakfast” above the team name entry. If the check is made out to you, please endorse the check payable to the Rotary Club of Bangor Breakfast.. Please be sure to write the participant’s name on the memo line of each check (e.g., “John Smith, Bangor).

Where do I mail my pledges?

Mail your checks (made out to the Rotary Club of Bangor Breakfast) with a completed pledge form to:

Rotary Club of Bangor Breakfast
ATTN: Bangor Area Challenge for Charities
PO Box 2471, Bangor, ME 04402

Please be sure to write the participant’s name on the memo line of each check (e.g., “John Smith, Bangor”).