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Many Roads. One Purpose.

The Bangor Area Challenge for Charities is an event where no matter what road you take, you will be joined by hundreds of people from around Maine who have the same passion as you do. To have a good time, achieve some athletic feats and to help their favorite nonprofit get the most votes!

All walkers, runners, and riders will be treated to coffee/tea/juice and blueberry coffee cake in the AM and a BBQ lunch from 11 am-2 pm at the fantastic celebration party at the end of their victory. Don’t forget the FREE packet for participating. This event has options for everyone no matter how active they are!

Walk as a united front:

Walking together with family, friends and coworkers shows your community you care about your local nonprofit. Walking is a great way to get out and get healthy all while pounding the pavement for your cause. You will be among hundreds of walkers who share your passion as you walk along a beautiful route. Options include: Children, Youth & Adult – 1k, 5k, 10k routes.

Run like the wind:

Running shows not only your physical determination but your determination to help your favorite local nonprofit. The event is open to all sorts of runners – beginners to experienced. If you choose to run you will be among lots of peers who share your wish to get the most votes for your nonprofit. Options include: Youth & Adult – 5k, 10k and half marathon routes.

Ride like you own the road:

Cycling will make you feel the power of the pedal as you join others to help get the most votes for their favorite nonprofit. The cycling routes are for people of all cycling abilities and is regarded as relatively flat in elevation. Not a fan of big giant hills? No worries, we aren’t either! The routes will be well marked with SAG support, fully stocked rest stops and more. Options include: Youth & Adult – 30, 60 & 100 mile routes.

Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines:

Feel the wind in your helmeted hair! There is nothing like an open road with fellow motorcyclist by your side, all with a mission. A mission to help their favorite local nonprofit get the most votes. You will be among many who love their motorcycles and want to help out their community. Route includes: Adult – 60 miles.

You can fundraise like a champion:

After registering you will have access to set up a personal fundraising page for the event. You can share your story and who your favorite non profit is. Fundraising to gain extra votes has never been easier. For each additional $25 raised beyond the registration fee earns you another vote for your nonprofit!

Which nonprofits can participate?:

Any non-profit of any size can apply to participate*. There is just a simple application that needs to be filled out.

Who can participate in the event?:

Depending on the activity – children, youth and adults of any age.

Why would a registraint want to participate?:

  • Get active with your family, friends, coworkers and more on a summer’s day.
  • Achieve some athletic feats or take your time but make it to the finish line. All ability levels are welcome. We guarantee you’ll have people cheering you on.
  • You’re going to have fun! Why wouldn’t you? It’ll be like a giant party!
  • Registraints are treated to lunch and a celebration party at the end of their victory. Entertainment, vendors, massages & more!
  • Free swag bags or packets with a t-shirt, very figure flattering bib numbers & more for participants.
  • Support your favorite non profit by voting for them. Each registrant gets a vote. Each additional $25 raised beyond the registration cost gets you another vote! Nonprofits who participate and meet the minimum criteria of 50 votes automatically get $500.
  • Those nonprofits who get the most votes over 50 votes will be eligible for 5 grand cash prizes. (Cash prizes might be in these amounts: 1st place: $10,000, 2nd place: $5,000, 3rd place: $2,500, 4th place: $1,500, and 5th place: $750.  But will be after minimum participation amounts are given:  1st – 50% net proceeds, 2nd – 25% of net proceeds, 3rd – 13% of net proceeds, 4th – 8% of net proceeds and 5th – 4% of net proceeds.) Remember votes will decide it all.
  • All the net proceeds of the event will be given to local area nonprofits. *After expenses and if the minimum of 50 votes is achieved.

Have more questions? Feel free to email: [email protected]

Support the Event, Support the Community. 
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